PP-8p4 Smart Locker 1761mm*900mm*900mm Smart Laundry Locker Contactless Self Service 7/24 Hour

1.0 Sets
PP-8p4 Smart Locker 1761mm*900mm*900mm Smart Laundry Locker Contactless Self Service 7/24 Hour
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Model Number: PP-8p4
The operating system: Android system, including 4G module (Windows optional)
Size: 1761mm*900mm*900mm
LCD Display: 42 inch touch screen
Power Comsuption: 300W
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Model Number: PP-8p4
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Packaging Details: wood box packed
Supply Ability: 5000 Set/Sets per Month
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Product Description

PP-8P4 Intelligent laundry Smart locker

Pp-8p4 Intelligent laundry locker

Provide electronic self-service laundry service

Pakpo PP-8P4 intelligent laundry locker integrates the functions of weight washing, dry cleaning, wet washing and logistics distribution, provides self-service clothes drop-off and pick-up services, and optimizes the laundry process. It can not only help C-end laundry service providers solve the traditional laundry difficult delivery and high labor problems;It can also help B-end enterprise customers to carry out intelligent cleaning and access management for employees' clothes.


Ø Different compartments provide different capacities and functions

Intelligent laundry locker design combination of different sizes of compartments, can integrate weighing function.The compartment can be set according to different properties to meet the requirements of weight washing, dry cleaning and wet washing.

Ø Fully waterproof process structure

The laundry locker can be fully waterproof structure to prevent water damage and protect the locker for long-term use.

Ø Automatic identification of pricing and payment methods

Intelligent laundry locker can automatically choose to switch pricing mode according to the compartment attributes selected by users, supporting online scanning code payment and settlement.

Ø Isolated locker management system

The isolation of compartment design and system application, for different departments or different users to provide the possibility of mutual isolation.

Ø Innovative development and application of RFID patting card system

Optional RFID card system for employee identification and laundry identification; At the same time, employees can be identified through clothes to support corresponding operations.(Applicable to B-end enterprise clients)

Ø Tens of millions of system data capacity

The architecture supports terminals of 20,000 levels of units under a single server to work online at the same time, and supports system data capacity of 10 million levels.Efficiently provide big data statistics and analysis of clothing and clothing storage data

Main performance parameters

Main performance parameters

Hardware terminal

The operating system

Android system, including 4G module (Windows optional)

Locker material

SGCC galvanized sheet/cold rolled steel sheet

Sheet thickness

Overall 1.0mm, frame 2.0mm

Surface process

High weather resistance electrostatic adsorption powder


15-inch infrared touch screen (optional 17-inch / 21.5-inch / 32-inch)

compartment dimensions

Compartment: 168 (W) x 911(H) x 478(D) mm

Compartment: 409 (W)* 109(H)*478(D) mm

Isolating transformer


Power supply

Industrial power supply, UPS, supports power supply for at least 4 hours after power failure


With NVR, camera, and 2 TB hard disk, the surveillance video is reserved for 90 days


Front facing camera/face recognition camera

Leakage protection switch

Leakage safety protection

Lock control board

Pakbao original design, ten years of service life

Electric control lock


Communication module

Support wired/wireless (4G, wifi) communication

Using environment

Host operating temperature (wide temperature) : -20 ~ 70℃

Auxiliary equipment

Scanning equipment, support bar-code, QR code, mobile phone screen scanning recognition

Other optional

Weighing module, RFID module

The software system

PPMS software system

Software system for dry cleaning industry, optional functions

Software Interconnection Service

Connect to the original IT system of the enterprise

Server Deployment

Public cloud/private cloud environment

* The above performance parameters are standard. You can choose hardware and software parameters and functions according to your requirements.

Company Information

Pakpo Technologies, founded in 2013, an intelligent management solution provider for object distribution, delivery and collection, applies AI, IoT and cloud network technologies to build the PICP cloud platform for intelligent IoT, set up the global IoT sharing network, and is committed to building a complete value ecosystem for intelligent IoT.

Based on profound industry service experience, according to the growing user and social needs, Pakpo Technologies keeps pace with the times to create excellent smart IoT solutions, providing standardized and customized software and hardware products and services for global corporate customers, city builders, and social people's livelihood builders, realizing intelligent management of personnel and things interaction, so that customers can get a more convenient, efficient, safe and assured experience in the application process.

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